DURÉE : de 5 à 10 jours
TARIF : à partir de 70 €/jour/pers.
DÉPART : en fonction de votre choix
PROCHAIN DÉPART : à partir d’avril 2021


Hiking in Sardinia is a very good way to discover the island. However, hiking in Sardinia is easier in spring or autumn than in summer. During the summer, to avoid the hottest hours of the day, we start walking early in the morning and finish at in the early afternoon. We alternate between swimming in the sea and in rivers. Our offers allow you to discover the Sardinian paths that cross the island*.

We offer routes through various territories of Sardinia as well as differing levels of difficulty. Some parts of the routes allow you to visit villages. Other routes can be done with Sardinian donkeys that carry your belongings and with a guide, there are particularly good for families with children.

In order to hike safely on the Sardinian paths, we offer you a guide and customized paths. There are two hiking offers, one with camping and another with fixed accommodation.

This camping tour is completely car-free.

Sardinia fair travel picks you up at the airport and takes care of the transfer of your backpacks and luggage during the tour.

We offer to book your accommodation and to choose activities for you along the route. For example, a stop in a traditional sheepfold (su pinnettu), at beekeepers, wine producers…. And possibly take advantage of the baths.

The whole North-South route of the island lasts about 3 weeks. Therefore, depending on the length of your stay in Sardinia, your level of endurance and your arrival, we will propose different routes and accommodation options (it can vary between hostels and hotels).

This offer is also available for pre-formed groups.

  • Star trekking:

    In this type of hike, which allows you to travel around the same region, it is preferable that you are a couple, a family or a small group, that can rent a car. For larger groups, we have a minibus with a guide who can accompany you along the route and allow you to return to your accommodation in the evening.

  • Hiking à la carte:

    For those of you who would like to spend a few days touring around and some days by the sea, we can adapt the programme and propose tailor-made offers.

Because every traveler is different ans everyone has is own dreams and wishes, 
SARDINIA FAIR TRAVEL – Sardaigne en liberté –  helps you to create your tailor-made trip in Sardinia.

Sardinia fair travel (Sardaigne en liberté), first ecotourism agency in Sardinia, invite you to travel differently.


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